15 Things you should know about your dog

Show Lingo
Angulation: Angles created by bones assembly in joints.

Laughing at:

Order: Verbal or hand-sign sequence from handler to dog.

Twisted: A dog which is not straight in line with the path of the handler.

Crowding: A dog so close to the handler it interferes with the handler’s independence of movement.

Directly: Instantly, without reluctance.

Drop entirely: Down place that would be okay for a long down exercise.

Exhibitor: A person who enters their dog in a show.


Gait: Arrangement of feet, head posture, tail posture, topline and fluidity are facets of gait analysis.

Dress: To prepare a dog for display.



Major: A triumph in conformation showing, with 3, four or five points given toward a tournament title.

Match show: A training occasion that enables dogs to compete, as the dog would in a approved show. On the other hand, no points are given toward titles or degrees.

Group for strains not completely acknowledged by the AKC.



Points: Credits earned toward a tournament title.


Piling: Placing the dog in accordance with structure to stress a dog’s physical qualities. Additionally called Set Up.

Large punishment: In compliance, 3 points or more.

Victor: Award given to the finest dog (Winners Dog) and finest bitch (Winners Bitch) competing in routine strain groups at a dog show.

Withers: Maximum point of the dog’s shoulder.