Why Mastication is a natural dog

Mastication is a natural dog behaviour. Historically, canine species chewed quarry within the natural behaviours needed for survival. Now, packaged and prepared don’t require extreme mastication to prepare the meal for digestion. Dogs, yet still crave chew things to fulfill their natural impulses.
Dogs chew to relieve anxiety and to take their time. Tired dogs frequently alleviate tension by keeping active with a chew item. Pups passing through teething intervals need chew things to relieve the pressure and pain of teething.

When dogs are left to choose the items of the chewing enjoyment, they frequently make inappropriate selections. Dogs acting on impulse ruin furniture, shoes and toys daily. You can not stop a dog from chewing. It is in his nature, however you can direct him to suitable items.

Nylon bones and other tough, processed big bones and floss-like playthings make the best options.

Avoid offering chew toys that resemble household things for your dog. Old shoes and towels look merely like your properties, thus do not confuse your dog by giving him your castoffs.

Digestible rawhide chews can supply hours of enjoyment, but must be supervised. Make sure the chews are from a reputable manufacturing company and have been correctly processed. Do not let your dog drink large amounts of water after have a rawhide chew. The rawhide can grow in the gut, causing annoyance and serious sickness, like bloating. Use good judgment and restrict rawhide chews to one goodie per session.

While your instinct may be to gratify your dog, restrict his chew thing stockpile to 3 to 4 options. Giving a lot of options may get him believe that mastication is an appropriate behaviour, no matter the item selected.