How to medicate the ears of other canines in your home.

Ear mites are minute, 8-legged insects which can be passed by direct contact from puppy to puppy. Although normally within the ear canal, these mites also can be discovered on the rest of your puppy’s human anatomy and are infectious to other family pets.

The mites feed on the liner of the ear canal, creating annoyance and the creation of a brownish-black, waxy discharge. This wax is visible by shining a little torch into an infected puppy’s ear.

If your veterinarian determines that the dog has ear mites, they will provide you with an insecticidal training, generally in a fluid type, to rid your puppy of the mites. Generally, these preparations also include an ear wax solvent, because the mites can conceal under the waxy particles. To medicate, maintain your puppy’s head slightly to one side. Wipe away any excess with a clear, dry material. Make sure you treat both ears.

Since ear mites are highly infectious, additionally, you will have to medicate the ears of other canines or cats in your home. You may even have to treat the puppy’s whole body with the insecticial powder or spray, because ear mites can survive the rest of the physique. Generally, therapy should be continued for weeks.